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What is the Brucennial?

The Brucennial began in 2008 in our first studio, a former weed growing operation next to the High Times Deliverance Church on the edge of Bushwick and Bed-Stuy under the JMZ. We rented the space because it was a storefront and we thought that would be an interesting way to build our practice. Whether or not we were ‘putting on a show,’ we were always on view. People would stop by. And at some point we had the bright idea to ask them to bring in whatever they made and put it on the walls. And so a hundred or so friends and friends of friends came over and we made ourselves a Brucennial.

Since that auspicious beginning we’ve made a lot of new friends. And so the Brucennial has expanded into larger spaces including hundreds more artists from all over the world. But the spirit of the show remains the same. It’s not a curated group show or an anointment ceremony into the art market or a “taking of the temperature” or a codification of style. It’s a celebration of, and catalyst for, an ever-widening community of artists.

It’s our interest to design circumstances that grow this community, both in numbers and in critical depth, beyond the limitations of a temporary exhibition. We started a free art school now located in the East Village, BHQFU, with this exact mission. And going forward that’s where we’re going to put our resources: expanding our class offerings and residencies, building a communal studio program, and creating student exhibitions, publications, and other showcases.

So this is it. The grand finale. The coup de grâce. The Last Brucennial. It’s going to be amazing.

The Bruce High Quality Foundation

The 2014 opening is March 6th, 6 - 10 PM

bruceface tecate

Past Exhibitions

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